In this game you can take part in Tournament of Voltagen

Play For Thrill

This is super fast fighting game with mind-blowing combos

Slowing Time

Sometimes you can slow time in the game and attack, it looks super cool

Electric ManWhat makes the best fighting action game? Well first of all you need some stick figures in it, after that you add some portion of Hollywood style special effects (for example slowing speed during fights) and of course in the end we need some fatality moves and vualia – Electric Man is born!

This short description sums up all positive sides of the game, but there are small minor details that add special thrill to the game. One of these small minor details are the fact that in game you will meet some tough opponents, there is huge competition in the game and it is pretty hard to become number one here. In order to be victorious you will have to work hard, you may fail couple of hundred times (LoL), but in the end you will become stronger and you will fight like a boss.

Fighting games like these are also awesome way to release stress and relax, not only it is thrilling game, but it is also very entertaining, plus watching yourself getting improved in this game is one of the best feelings in the world.

Game also has training option, before starting actual fight I highly suggest you to train a little bit, remember your opponents are not weak and they will fight back hard which in some cases might lead to your failure.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start your epic duel now and become world’s number one fighter!